Clifftown Conservation Area

Clifftown conservation area is situated on the clifftop in Southend overlooking the estuary. It was designated a Conservation Area in 1968 and later extended twice to its present boundaries. The buildings in Clifftown Conservation Area have an important place in the history of the town - the Georgian Royal Terrace and the Victorian Cliff Town Estate mark the first major attempts to develop Southend as a seaside resort and as a residential town. Its building styles and planned layout overlooking the estuary give the area its own charm and character. For further information on the History and Special Interest of Clifftown see The History and Special Interest of Clifftown Conservation Area.

Development in the Conservation Area

Minor works to most houses in the conservation area which would normally be classed as permitted development (works that can be undertaken without planning permission) such as changing windows or roofing materials are covered by the Clifftown Article 4 Direction and a planning application (no fee) must now be made. This enables the Council to control aspects of local character which make an important positive contribution to the conservation area. For further details on the Clifftown Article 4 Direction.

All development in the Conservation Area including extensions and alterations such as changing windows and roofing materials should follow guidance set out in the Conservation Areas Do’s and Don’ts Leaflet and the Design and Townscape Guide, in particular Section 9 Historic Buildings. It is always advisable to review the Clifftown Article 4 Direction and to check with the Council if planning permission is needed before undertaking any works to the exterior of a property in the conservation area.

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