Household waste recycling centres (the tip)

Who can use the the tip?

Residents of Southend city only - you must show a current driving licence or council tax bill as proof of residency.

Vehicle types allowed:

  • cars and 4 x 4's
  • cars and 4 x 4's with trailers with a load bed less than 1.8m (6ft) long
  • camper vans
  • 4 x 4's without a pickup
  • estate cars
  • people carriers - where not permanently altered to carry large loads

Commercial type vehicles can access the sites on Sundays between 12pm and 4pm. You must show proof of address and complete a household waste declaration form (HWDF).

Please also note that you must only be disposing of your own household waste. It is illegal to dispose of waste generated through commercial or business activities at either site.

Hire vans can access the sites at any time. Please ensure that you take the hire agreement with you as well as proof of address.

If you are hiring a van for more than 7 days then please ensure that a HWDF is also completed and submitted.

Please note:

  • 'commercial type' vehicles with trailers are not allowed access at any time
  • it is illegal to dispose of commercial or business waste or waste generated by other organisations at these sites
  • vehicles will still be subject to the usual checks upon entry and need to provide proof of address - driving licence or current council tax bill. If a site worker deems the waste to be of a commercial, business or trade related nature, the vehicle will be denied access to the site
  • we reserve the right to restrict vehicle access if the driver is not able to provide proof of address and a completed HWDF

If you want to use a trailer with a load bed between 1.8m and 3m (6ft and 10ft) long, you must complete a household waste declaration form (HWDF).

Trailers with a load bed over 3m (10ft) long are not allowed to use the HWRC.

Essex County Council stopped their arrangement with Southend-on-Sea City Council which allowed residents from small areas of Rochford to access Stock Road HWRC.

Residents of Rochford are not allowed to use Stock Road HWRC but can continue to take their rubbish to the Essex site located in Rayleigh (or another Essex site if more convenient). Essex residents still have access to any of the 21 sites provided by Essex County Council.

For more information about:

  • where to find the Essex County Council recycling centres
  • their opening hours
  • their waste acceptance criteria

Please visit the Recycle for Essex website or contact 0345 603 7625.

Contact recycling and waste

Telephone: 01702 215006

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