Household Waste Recycling Centres (The Tip)

What is accepted for recycling or disposal at the tip?

Material, Description.
Material Description

Mobile phones

Don't forget - clear your data!

Garden waste

Green waste suitable for composting


Boxes (flattened), other cardboard packaging, cereal cartons etc.


Bottles and jars


Household and car


Household, e.g. emulsion, gloss, eggshell

Mineral oil

Engine oil

Cooking oil

Vegetable-based cooking and oils


Newspaper, junk mail etc.

Rigid/hard plastics

Yes please:

Garden furniture

Water butts

Large outdoor toys

Plastic chairs

Large plastic containers - buckets, boxes, bins, storage containers, plastic cans (please make sure all items are empty and free from residues such as paint)

Washing baskets

Dish drainers

Pet carriers and pet beds

Plastic coat hangers

All plastic toys (please remove batteries)


CD/DVD cases (please remove the CDs first)

Empty glue sticks

Plastic plant pots, trays, lids (please ensure they are free from soil)

Plastic disposable plates and cups

No thank you:

CDs, DVDs or VHS tapes

PVC items - such as shower curtains, hose pipes, window frames, vinyl flooring

Household plastic packaging, including films (please place in your pink recycling sack for collection)

Plastic bottles (please place in your pink recycling sack for collection)


Cool box

Plastic with paint residue

Car seat with textile

White goods

Polycarbonate/ PMMA

Non-plastic items of any description

Scrap metal

Steel cans, aluminium cans, scrap metal items (no car parts)

Hardcore and rubble*


Including DIY waste*


Crockery, flower pots, household ceramics

Textiles and shoes Clean, dry textiles and shoes
Fluorescent tubes  

Large domestic appliances

Fridges and freezers, washing machines

Small electric appliances

Microwaves, toasters, irons, kettles

TVs and Monitors  


Mixed wood

Reuse items

Furniture, books, CDs, DVDs, bicycles, bric-a-brac, spectacles


Gypsum-based products: items containing asbestos will not be accepted

Printer cartridges  

Residual household waste

Waste not suitable for reuse, recycling or composting

Hazardous household waste

Including pesticides and herbicides, common household chemicals, antifreeze, screenwash

*Please Note: There is a restriction of one car boot load. If you are generating large quantities of these materials you should consider alternative methods of disposal such as hiring a skip.

If the item you wish to recycle or dispose of is not shown above please check the A-Z of Recycling and Waste.

Asbestos, gas cylinders and tyres cannot be accepted at either of our tips.

Contact Recycling and Waste

Telephone: 01702 215006

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