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Reception offer day 17 April 2023 - frequently asked questions

If you email the Admission Team, please include your childs full name and date of birth as well as your message.

How do I accept the school offered?

All offers are accepted automatically. If you are happy with the offer, you do not need to take any action. Your allocated school will be in touch with you in due course.

How do I refuse the school offered?

You can email We will record that you wish to decline the place, however we can only take that place away once you have confirmed the alternative arrangements in place for your child's education. Until we are certain of alternative plans, your child will retain the offer made.

How do I apply to go on a waiting list?

Your child will automatically be on a waiting list for a higher preference than which has been offered.

If you have an offer but wish to be on the waiting list for a school lower on your list you can email the admissions team to switch your preferences around so that you are on the waiting list.

Who do we call for the waiting list positions?

Only the Admission Team at Southend-on-Sea have waiting lists for schools in Southend.

If you need the waiting list position for schools outside of Southend, you can email/call the local authority for that school after 10 May 2023.

Waiting lists updates will not be ready daily, parents can check after May. The Admissions Team will contact you if a place can be offered to your child.

Do schools know what I have applied for?

No, schools only know if you have applied for them.

Schools do not know the preference order or the outcome for your application for other schools.

How do I appeal?

Parents are able to appeal for schools that are higher preferences and they did not get an offer for. Information on the appeals process is available on our School Admissions section.

I thought I am guaranteed a place at my local catchment school?

No. There are no guarantees for any places. However, we would advise that you put your local catchment school as one of your preferences. This will improve your chance of getting at least an offer of a school place at one of your preferred schools in April. Check your catchment school on the postcode look up table on School Admissions (select primary and look down the bullet points).

I did not apply what do I do or I now wish to add or change my preferences?

You can apply at any time. The Admissions Team can advise of vacancies in the city and provide you with an application form. Please email the admissions team with your childs details and the order of preferences if you already have an application or send us a completed application if you have not applied.

Why have I been offered a school I did not apply for?

Where all the schools you applied for reached their admission limits before they could offer your child, your child has been added to the waiting list and we have made you an offer to the next nearest school to your home address with vacancies.

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