Stop Smoking

Pharmacists, Nurse and Vape shop assistant.

Stop Smoking Services during the pandemic

Any person who lives or works within the Southend wards are eligible to sign up to the Stop Smoking Service.

The support whether from a GP practice nurse, Pharmacy scheme or from one of the two listed Vape shops, are still supporting you throughout the pandemic. The only difference is, that all support will be carried out over the phone, and prescriptions will be collected from a location where social distancing rules are in place.

Make that change and #QUIT4COVID

Smokefree Southend

Remember, there’s only one you!

The Smokefree Southend Team provides free advice, support and information to any smoker who lives or works in Southend-on-Sea. Currently there are 150 Level 2 Stop Smoking specialist advisors located within your local GP’s surgeries, participating Pharmacies and Vape shops in Southend.

Quit power

You are 3 times more likely to stop smoking with the right support and medication. A lone quitter with no support has about a 3% chance of success, so don’t delay and plan your quit today!

Smokefree Southend can signpost you direct to;

  • a Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant at your local GP surgery
  • a participating Pharmacy
  • a vape shop stop smoking service

GP surgeries support

You can book stop smoking support at your local surgery. Make sure you book with the Practice nurse or HCA who is trained as a stop smoking specialist. You can discuss your options and then you will receive a prescription for your chosen medication. Normal prescription fees will apply unless you are exempt.

Pharmacy support

A similar service is also available at local participating pharmacies. You will only pay a one off standard prescription charge for up to 10 weeks providing you attend each week with a smoke free carbon monoxide reading. Stopping smoking with support from your local pharmacy can be very flexible and you may not need to book an appointment for every visit.

Vape shop support

Public Health England state that e-cigarettes and vaping are 95% less harmful than smoking. Nicotine itself is not particularly harmful, but it’s the burning of tobacco and the smoke that creates tar and the poison, carbon monoxide. 

E-cigarettes and vaping are heat products and it therefore does not burn but you will need to clean and maintain your device to prevent the coil from burning. There are two Vape shops in Southend that are trained to deliver the quit programme.  They provide the same support as the pharmacy scheme which also includes weekly carbon monoxide testing.

Supporting Stores

1735 London Rd
01702 479 098

Vapour Central
73 Hamlet Court Road
01702 437063

Hospital in/out patient support

If you stop smoking before an operation this can really improve your recovery and reduces the risk of complications. The earlier you stop smoking the better. For example, if you stop 6 months prior to your procedure, you will cut your post-surgery risks down to the same level as a non-smoker. However, some hospital admissions are not planned so an in-patient service is also available from our on-site advisors. Your nurse, doctor or consultant can refer you to the Smokefree Team and we can recommend a treatment plan during your stay.


Smoking is still the number one cause of preventable illness and death in the UK. The inhalation of tobacco smoke reduces oxygen levels, can cause high blood pressure and thickening of the arteries. Poisons can reach all areas of the body which increase the likelihood of ill health and respiratory conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Cancer.

Remember the benefits of giving up smoking are clear, the health benefits, the financial benefits far outweigh the ill health and devastation of living with an illness that could have been prevented. We want to support our community to live longer, happier, healthier lives so therefore we want to make our services more visible and accessible.

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