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Open to all, the Southend Pass is an annual parking permit, paid for monthly.

You can buy it via the Southend Parking app, which is available on both Android or iOS.

Visit the App Store for the iOS version

Visit Google Play for the Android version

For £8.50 per month, you can park for up to 3 hours at a time, in car parks and on-street parking bays across the borough (from Leigh-on-Sea to Shoeburyness)

Where can I buy a Southend Pass?

Southend Pass is available to buy from the Southend Parking app.

If you already have the Mobon app, it's better to uninstall it after you have downloaded the Southend Parking app.

Who can buy a Southend Pass?

Anyone can buy a Southend Pass. This enables you to take advantage of unlimited bursts of 3 hours parking, all month, for £8.50.

Where can I use a Southend Pass?

You can use it in any council-operated car parks, or on pay-by-phone/pay and display on-street parking bays across the borough. Please note the Southend Pass is not valid in residential areas or controlled parking zones. Please note the pass is also not valid in the Victoria shopping centre car park.

You may park for up to three hours in each of the borough's four zones, every day. Please see this list of car parks in each zone.

How does the Southend Pass work?

Once you've bought Southend Pass via the Southend Parking app, you can park in any of our car parks or pay-by-phone/pay and display on-street parking bays, for up to 3 hours at a time.

You must activate the parking pass when you arrive at a car park.

The app will send reminder before the 3 hour period elapses.

Can I buy it monthly?

Yes, you can pay £8.50 per month – this will be a monthly recurring payment for 12 months.

Alternatively, you can make one-off pay for the full 12 months in advance.

I want to park for longer than 3 hours without moving my vehicle – can I top it up by paying for a ticket?

Yes, if you want to park for more than 3 hours, you can pay for additional time on the Southend Parking app or at nearby pay and display machines, after the 3 hours on Southend Pass runs out.

Can I buy more than one Southend Pass?

Each customer can buy one Pass.

If you are unable to use a mobile app please call the team on 01702 215003 and they will help you with an alternative.


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