Southend Pass

How to change from Southend Pass Monthly Subscription to Annual Payment

1. In the Southend mobile app (iPhone and Android) there is a preferences section in which there is a setting for “Parking Pass auto renewals enabled”. This will currently be enabled for all monthly Southend Pass customers, and controls whether their Pass should auto-renew at the end of the current period.

2. To stop the next monthly renewal, any customer who wants to move to an Annual pass, can turn this off and click Done. This will prevent the monthly pass from renewing.

3. The active Parking Pass will continue to work until the passes expiry date, you can find the expiry date in the app.

4, Once the pass has expired, the customer will no longer see an active pass on their account in the app, and it is at this point that they can purchase a new Annual Pass.

5. Upon successful purchase, they can immediately use their new Annual pass.

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