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These terms and conditions apply to the Southend Pass, a parking permit issued by Southend-on-Sea City Council.

  1. A Southend Pass is purchased for a period of 12 months and can be paid for monthly, quarterly or annually. The subscription cycle will automatically renew unless you opt-out via the app.
  2. A Southend Pass is issued to a user, not a vehicle, users can change the vehicle registration by following the instructions on the Southend Parking mobile phone application.
  3. A Southend Pass is not transferrable between users.
  4. A Southend Pass provides parking in designated parking spaces, for up to three hours in any administrative zone in the City of Southend, in any calendar day. For example, a vehicle may park in Zone 1A for up to three hours and move to any other administrative zone for a further period of up to three hours, in a calendar day.
  5. Designated parking spaces include:
    • any on-street pay and display, pay by phone parking space, indicated by signage adjacent to the space or,
    • any off-street car park operated by Southend-on-Sea City Council, and indicated on signage located within the car park.
  6. Additional parking sessions can be purchased (on the Southend Parking app or nearby pay and display machine), if a user intends to remain in the parking place for additional time, during operational hours.
  7. Any person using a Southend Pass fraudulently, incorrectly or contravening any other parking contravention is liable to a Penalty Charge Notice.
  8. A Southend Pass can only be used in:
    • a passenger carrying vehicle with capacity to carry no more than 8 passengers, excluding the driver,
    • a motorcycle, tricycle, or quad bike, which is registered for use on the public highway, or
    • a light goods vehicle.
  9. A Southend Pass cannot be used in a vehicle if the overall height exceeds 2.3 metres, or a length exceeding 5.5 metres.
  10. A Southend Pass cannot be used for a vehicle which is towing a caravan or trailer.
  11. A vehicle using a Southend Pass must not be used for:
    • the sale or offering for sale of a vehicle,
    • sale or purchasing of goods or services from or to the vehicle, as accommodation, including sleeping, camping, cooking within or near to the vehicle, or for the consumption of food or drink outside of the vehicle.
  12. Customers moving out of the area can still benefit from using the Southend Pass as it is not restricted to Southend-on-Sea City residents. If you no longer own a vehicle and want to cancel your Southend Pass subscription, you can submit a request for cancellation.
  13. A Southend Pass is valid only when these terms and conditions are met, and the fee has been paid.
  14. The Council reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at its discretion, and by giving not less than 28 days’ notice of the changes to Southend Pass users.
  15. The Council and its suppliers will use personal data in line with the relevant legislation and Council Policy, which can be viewed on the Council website at

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