Southend Pass

How to download and use the Southend Parking app

Subscribing to the Southend Pass App

To pay for your parking sessions you will firstly need to go to the Mobon ( website.

Once you are on the website you can then download the app via either GooglePlay or the App store.

Once you have downloaded the app:

  • if you have the existing Mobon account, you can log on with the same credentials as normal
  • if you do not have any existing Mobon account, you will need to ‘Sign up for Southend Parking’

Once you have logged on to the app, you will then need to click on the Southend Pass button to subscribe for Southend Pass.

A new screen will then appear.

  • you need to tick the box to accept the terms and conditions
  • then you need to indicate if you want to pay for 1 month at a time or pay for 12 months upfront
  • select the primary vehicle you want to use
  • select payment card details

Select the ‘Get Pass cost’ button.

A pop screen will load up… click ok to confirm the details are correct.

You will get an email receipt to confirm subscription has been successful.

What to do each time you park

Once you have successfully subscribed to the app, you will have to activate a parking session every time you park your vehicle. This is done by going into your app, and selecting the desired location and how long you want to park for.

You need to first log onto the app.

Then you need to select ‘New Parking Booking’.

Next, you will need to type (and select) the location code or location name you are parking at.

Once you have entered these details a new box will appear which will show the location you’ve selected, how long you want to park for and instead of using your payment card – it will allow you to use Southend Pass to ‘pay’ for the parking.

Please ensure that you have indicated how long you want to park for (between 1 hour and 3 hours).

Once you have done that select the ‘Get Parking Cost’ button.

The next screen will show details to confirm the details… Select OK. 

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