Corporate Plan

Introduction from the Leader of the Council

Our new city of Southend-on-Sea is a connected, ambitious, creative and diverse place to live, work and visit. It provides a warm welcome to all.

Our corporate plan sets out:

  • the council’s focus from 2022 to 2026
  • how we will step up from being a borough council to a city council
  • how we will collaborate with our residents and communities
  • how we will work with stakeholders, including central government, MPs, neighbouring councils, and local partnerships

We have identified four main priorities that we want to achieve for the city. These are:

  1. A city that is strong and prosperous.
  2. A city with a good quality of life.
  3. A city rising to the climate change challenge.
  4. A city delivering genuinely affordable housing.

Becoming a city gives us the opportunity to create something special. We can build on our strengths. We can create a more equal and inclusive Southend-on-Sea. We can create a place where everyone who lives here has an equal chance to succeed.

Cllr Stephen George, Leader of the Council, Southend-on-Sea City Council.

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