Corporate Plan

How the corporate plan will be delivered

To deliver this ambitious plan we need to build on our strengths. We must take forward the recommendations from the Local Government Association Corporate Peer Challenge, reflect on our areas of development, and transform as a council.

As a major employer and leader in the city, we must become an outstanding and inclusive organisation that all councillors, employees and residents can be proud of.

A clear set of priorities

This plan sets out a clear and ambitious set of priorities, which provide a sense of purpose for every council employee and are collectively owned by the organisation’s leadership at political and officer level. All departments in the council will deliver on or enable one or more of these priorities to be delivered.

Outcome-based approach

We are committed to achieving changes for the better for our residents and visitors. We will make better use of insight gained from analysing data and information, effectively engage and coproduce where possible with our residents and communities and deliver the right services to achieve desired outcomes.

Measure and monitor our progress

We will measure and monitor our progress in delivering priorities and flex our resources and approach accordingly. Our performance monitoring is aligned with our financial reporting and risk management.

Key performance indicators are aligned to each of our strategic priorities, reporting to our Cabinet and Corporate Leadership Team. All council employees will have performance and development conversations, connecting them to the delivery of outcomes.

Tackling inequality

We will challenge inequality to make sure Southend-on-Sea is a city that works for everyone.

Employee and member development

Together our councillors and employees combine the essential skills, experience and knowledge to manage and lead our council. A core component of our People Vision is to build a collaborative learning culture that embeds personal growth, ensuring the right skill sets and behaviours to build mutual trust and respect are at the heart of the working relationship between councillors and officers.

Improving equality, diversity and inclusion

Our Equalities Statement sets a vision about the type of council we aspire to be - a council that values the benefits of diversity and inclusiveness in our city, supports all councillors and employees to feel they belong at the council and have opportunities to succeed, and that works in collaborative partnership with residents from all groups of protected characteristics to design, co-produce and deliver high quality services that work for all.

Empowering our communities and residents

We will engage and empower our communities and residents through co-design and co-production, where service providers and users work together to reach a collective outcome.

Working in partnership

We will continue to work alongside national, regional and local stakeholders, including central government, MPs, neighbouring councils and local partnerships. We will share services where appropriate.

Financial sustainability

The council ended the financial year 2022/23 with the largest level of reported overspending since becoming a unitary authority in April 1998. Urgent action is required to make sure the council remains financially stable and resilient for the future.

Elected Members and council officers need to work together at pace to control overspending and maintain the approved budget for 2023/24, as well as reduce forecast overspending throughout the period of this corporate plan.

For further detail on the Corporate Plan 2023-2027 will be delivered, please email to request a full copy of the document. A full PDF version can also be found on our Democracy website: Corporate Plan 2023-2027

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