Corporate Plan

Our corporate priorities

A city that is strong and prosperous

We will power economic and community recovery to help our communities thrive. We will make Southend-on-Sea a strong and prosperous city.

Our objectives are to:

  • support economic regeneration and business development
  • use our spending power wisely
  • bid for funding opportunities and attract inward investment
  • sustain and grow digital investment and inclusion
  • deliver our city centre strategy and investment plan
  • enhance our tourism, cultural and leisure offer
  • support community recovery
  • improve community safety

A city with a good quality of life

We will work hard to ensure people have a good quality of life.

Our objectives are to:

  • achieve a city where all children achieve success
  • ensure children and young people, including those in care, feel and are safe at home, school and in their communities
  • enable and provide opportunities for the best start in life
  • enable people to age well, live well and care well
  • ensure that health and care services meet the needs of all
  • ensure services are diverse, sustainable, and high quality. This includes those who pay for their own care

A city rising to the climate change challenge

We will tackle climate change. We will become a greener city. We will make Southend-on-Sea a national example of good flood and coastal erosion risk management.

Our objectives are to:

  • become net zero by 2030
  • prevent waste
  • promote re-use
  • increase recycling
  • develop an active and sustainable travel network
  • enhance, promote and protect our natural environment
  • undertake flood and coastal erosion risk management

A city delivering genuinely affordable housing

We will deliver and increase the supply of safe, well managed and affordable housing

Our objectives are to:

  • address local housing need
  • prioritise the supply and quality of safe, genuinely affordable homes
  • make any instance of homelessness brief and non-recurrent. We are aiming for functional zero homelessness
  • maximise environmental sustainability of homes
  • ensure good quality housing design, management and maintenance
  • reduce the number of empty homes
  • deliver the Local Plan

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