Corporate Plan

Delivering priorities

The actions we will take to deliver the priorities.

A growing city with a strong and prosperous community


  • economic regeneration and business development
  • spending power used wisely
  • enhanced tourism, culture and leisure

A safe city with a good quality of life for all


  • safe, inclusive communities and neighbourhoods
  • people live well, age well and care well
  • children and young people, including those in care, feel and are safe at home, school
  • and in their communities
  • quality, affordable safe homes

A clean city with a resilient environment


  • enhanced and protected street scene and environment
  • improved transport system
  • prevent waste, promoting re-use and increase recycling

A transforming council delivering efficient, cost-effective services


  • value for money
  • change our election cycle
  • transformation
  • clear service standards

For further detail on the outcomes, please email to request a full copy of the Corporate Plan 2023 - 2027. A full PDF version can also be found on our Democracy website: Corporate Plan 2023-2027

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