Cost of living support

Debt, income and financial support

Our managing debt page has details of various money advice support groups.

Citizens Advice Southend can help with debt advice, maximisation of income, help to claim Universal Credit:

People in financial difficulty can access money and debt guidance for free from Money Helper UK.

Budgeting and managing your money

Taking the time to manage your money better can really pay off. The first step to taking control of your finances is doing a budget.

Learning to budget can help you stay on top of your bills and save more money each year. You might be able to use savings to pay off any debts.

Money Helper is a consumer-facing service, providing free and impartial money and pensions guidance for people all across the UK.

The Money Helper website has a beginner's guide to managing your money page which gives advice on setting up a budget and ensuring you stick to it.

Citizens Advice also have a budgeting tool to help people understand what they are earning and spending, and where they may be able to cut costs: Work out your budget

Loan sharks

A money lender must be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to lend money legally. Money lenders who are not authorised by the FCA are breaking the law. They are known as loan sharks. The Citizens Advice Loan Shark webpage has information and guidance about what to do should you find yourself owing money to a loan shark.

Payday loans

A payday loan is a short-term loan intended to tide you over until you next get paid. It is an expensive way to borrow, but there are rules the lender has to follow. Find out what the rules are and how you can make a complaint if your lender breaks them on the Citizens Advice payday loan webpage.

Rent and mortgage arrears

If you would like further information or advice regarding support for mortgage interest (SMI), mortgage arrears, mortgages, rent and mortgage arrears and much more you can contact Citizens Advice Southend on 08082 78 79 78 or visit their website.

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