Are you struggling with your teenager's behaviour? Want to know what support is available for parents in Southend?

Parental responsibility

Parents of, or those who have parental responsibility for, 16 and 17 year olds are responsible for their children's welfare.

Until your child is 18 you are responsible for:

  • providing a home for your child
  • protecting and caring for your child

Our key commitment is to keep families together in their homes wherever possible (and safe to do so). This is best for the child/young person. Homelessness at a young age should be avoided wherever possible.

We will always expect to speak to the parent/carer about why the young person cannot continue to live at home. We will also discuss whether we can offer any help to keep the young person at home.

If your 16/17 year old has left home, or is in the process of leaving home, they may be at risk. Please contact the Children’s Single Point of Contact (C-SPOC):

General advice for families

Problems can often be solved by taking new approaches. Try to get advice early.

You'll find advice, tools, and techniques here:

Things that could help:

If you are experiencing difficulties with your teenager's behaviour or feel that communication has broken down, there is support out there.

The Supporting Families team helps families to make changes. As a result, this can reduce family stress and increase the chances of them achieving their goals. The team can offer support, advice, and guidance in the following the areas:

  • parenting
  • attending and achieving in school and in early years
  • financial stability and accessing work
  • access to community services
  • better family relationships
  • support to move on from Domestic Abuse
  • substance misuse and offending behaviours
  • emotional and physical health needs

Next steps - who can help me with my child/young person?

1. Contact C-SPOC

They offer support around family breakdown and behavioural issues, or if your child/young person is homeless or at risk of homelessness:

Emergency Duty Team:

  • Out of hours, 365 days a year
  • 0345 606 1212

They should be contacted straight away if your child/young person already has support from a:

  • Social Worker
  • supporting Families practitioner

2. Talk to your GP or your teenager's school or college

What is the accommodation process for 16/17 year olds that are homeless/at risk of homelessness?

When a 16 or 17 year old presents as homeless/at risk of homelessness, they will immediately be referred to the C-SPOC. The team will then:

  1. triage the referral and then
  2. allocate to a Duty Social Worker (if not already open)

An initial interview with the young person will be carried out by both a:

  • Social Worker
  • Housing Solutions Officer

The aim of the interview is to get more information and start the joint assessment process.

The initial interview should take place on the day of presentation. This will help determine if the young person can be:

  • supported to return home or;
  • live with responsible adults in their wider family and friend's network

If not, the assessment process will explain to them their housing options and help to identify what would be the most appropriate placement. The wishes and feelings of the young person will also be taken into account.

All children will be offered an independent advocate to help them make appropriate decisions.

Contact us - Housing solutions

Telephone: 01702 215002

Online forms - housing advice and homeless enquiry form

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