Homelessness advice

Advice on preventing homelessness - knowing your rights

It is important to find out your rights before making decisions about leaving your home. In some situations, your housing provider can force you to leave but in others you may have rights to remain.

This section of the website contains advice for many of the different living situations from which people can be threatened with homelessness. We recommend you read the advice which applies to your situation.

Southend-on-Sea City Council commissions Southend Citizens Advice to provide Housing Advice and Guidance and are also able to provide legal advice free of charge.

The Housing Solutions Team can also provide you with advice and practical support.

Working with your existing housing provider

Some types of homelessness cannot be avoided, such as if your home has become unsafe for you to live in. However, if your housing provider has asked you to leave, it may be possible that you can negotiate with them such that they are willing to let you stay. For example:

  • if your landlord has asked you to leave because they think you are unable to afford your rent but you are then able to demonstrate that the rent is affordable to you and that you will pay it consistently, they may decide not to evict you
  • if you are living with your family and they have asked you to leave due to arguments or things you have done but you are then able to agree with them how you will conduct yourself, they may be happy to let you stay
  • it is therefore important that you try to retain a good relationship with your housing provider and show them that you are willing to work with them to resolve any issues they may be having
  • even if you are unable to prevent them from evicting you, you will probably need to ask things of each other during the period you are leaving and the situation is likely to be less stressful if you are on good terms
  • while the processes and timescales vary, in almost all cases your housing provider can eventually bring your living arrangement to an end if they are unhappy with your conduct

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