Advice for people not eligible for housing assistance

Depending on your immigration status, some people are not eligible for help with housing from councils. This is sometimes known as having no recourse to public funds.

British or Irish citizens who are habitually resident in the UK are eligible for help.

For nationals of countries in the EEA, whether you are eligible for help can depend on your economic status, the duration of your time in the UK and/or whether you have family who are eligible.

If you are a national of a country outside of the EEA, your eligibility for help will be decided by the Home Office.

If you are not eligible for help with housing, the Council only has to give you general advice and information. You would not be eligible for Housing Benefit or the housing element of Universal Credit, which can make it difficult to sustain a tenancy.

You will need to ensure that you are able to support yourself through working or through independent means or, if you have leave to remain in the UK through a sponsor, that your sponsor is able to support you. If this is not the case, you may wish to seek advice from your embassy.

You may be able to receive some support from charities or faith groups in the area. If you have children, the Councils Childrens Services team may have a duty to ensure they dont become homeless.

If you are an asylum seeker, you are not eligible for help from the Council. You can apply for asylum support instead if you have nowhere to live while the Home Office looks at your asylum claim.

If youre under 18 and on your own, Childrens Social Services will provide you with somewhere to live until you turn 18 or get a final decision on your asylum claim.

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