In-Year Admissions

Applications for a school place during the school year are referred to as in-year admissions.

General advice

Moving schools is a serious step to take and we realise that sometimes this is necessary for example, you move into the area. If your child is already in another local school, we would advise you to discuss the situation with your child’s class teacher or headteacher before making an application for other schools as a move of school may not always be in your child’s best interests. You should not remove your child from his/her current school before you have an offer of another school place.

Unfortunately,  there is no guarantee, in law, of a place at any school or that places will be available at the same school if you are applying for more than one child. We advise you carefully check the availability of places at schools or with the School Admissions Team at the LA in advance of considering changing school or moving house.

How do you apply:

A person with parental responsibility can make an application in the following ways:

  • for primary age children by filling in the form and emailing it to the Admissions Team or; On paper by completing the form (please request a form on 01702 215007 or collect a copy from the Council, Civic Centre)
  • for Secondary age children by completing the form/s for preferred schools. Secondary schools in the borough deal with their own in year admissions.  A link to schools in the area can be found in our Schools directory.

Parents can contact the admissions team at the council for advice and vacancies in the borough.

Once we can offer your application form will be sent to the school and in some cases the school may even process the application.   

You will need to re-apply for each new academic year anytime from April onwards. In most cases vacancies for in-year September admissions only become available towards the end of term (July) however, offers are made as and when vacancies become available to the respective year groups from April onwards. 

Any places that become available, in-year are allocated according to the order or ranking of the school's published admission criteria. You may, if you wish, keep your child’s name on a waiting list at any school where your preference has been refused, and which is a higher preference. Your child's position on any waiting list may change if, for example, a new pupil moves into the area and is ranked more highly by the school's admission criteria. Admissions policies and processes are available in the primary admission booklet.

All in-year admissions, are managed in line with the admission policies set out in the Admission booklets, in line with the Admission Code 2014, Admission Appeals Code and other statutory guidance.

For the full admission criteria, catchment list and the year group table please go to the Primary Admissions page and the Secondary Admission page.

Page last updated: 11/11/2019