In-year admissions

In-year frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If you email the Admission Team, please include:

  • your child's full name
  • your child's date of birth
  • your message

Which schools do Southend process in year applications for?

  • Barons Court Primary School and Nursery
  • Bournes Green Infant School
  • Bournes Green Junior School
  • Blenheim Primary School
  • Chalkwell Hall Infant School
  • Chalkwell Hall Junior School 
  • Earls Hall Primary School
  • Eastwood Primary School & Nursery 
  • Edwards Hall Primary School 
  • Fairways Primary School
  • Friars Primary School
  • Greenways Primary School
  • Hamstel Infant School & Nursery
  • Hamstel Junior School
  • Heycroft Primary School
  • Hinguar Community Primary School
  • Leigh North Street Primary School
  • Porters Grange Primary School & Nursery
  • Richmond Avenue Primary and Nursery School
  • Temple Sutton Primary School
  • Thorpedene Primary School
  • West Leigh Infant School
  • West Leigh Junior School

Which school process their own in year admissions?

  • Bournemouth Park Academy
  • Darlinghurst Academy
  • Milton Hall Primary School
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School
  • Prince Avenue Academy & Nursery
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Primary & Nursery School 
  • St George’s Catholic Primary School 
  • St Helen’s Catholic Primary School 
  • St Mary's, Prittlewell, Church of England Primary
  • The Westborough School

and all Secondary Schools.

How do I accept the school offered?

You will need to respond to the offer made, by accepting it or refusing it. If you accept the offer you must then contact the school directly to agree to the start date. It is encouraged that children start as soon as possible once an offer is made.

How do I refuse the school offered?

You can email the School Admissions Team.

We will record that you want to decline the place, however we can only take that place away once you have confirmed the alternative arrangements in place for your child's education. Until we are certain of alternative plans, your child will retain the offer made.

Parents can submit one application in a school year. Where you refuse an offer, your application form is no longer open for that school.

Questions on Waiting lists

Waiting lists for schools we process

Pupils that are refused a place are added to the waiting list. They will remain on the waiting list until mid-July of any given year. To find out your waiting list position for your child, you can contact our Admission Team.

Waiting lists close in mid-July of any given year. New waiting lists are created for the next academic year (from the applications for the next school year).

Waiting lists for schools that process their own in year admissions

Pupils that are refused a place, are usually added to a waiting list. Please refer to the respective school admission arrangements on the waiting list details.

To find out your waiting list position for your child you can email or call the school directly.

General information on waiting lists

According to the admission criteria for the school year, waiting lists are ranked by the admission criteria for the school. This is regardless of where you apply.

Applications are shared with:

  • the allocated school
  • a school that is a preference and is its own admission authority

I thought I was guaranteed a place at my local catchment school?

There are no guarantees for any places, however, we would advise that you put your local catchment school as one of your preferences. This is so that your child has priority at a school.

Children living at more than one address

If your child lives at more than one address, the child's usual place of residence needs to be used. An example of this could be due to separated parents.

If your child lives at 2 addresses equally, please use the the address that is the child’s normal place of residence, this might be where the child is registered with the local GP for example.

I want to add or change preferences, what do I do?

The Admissions team can advise of vacancies in the city. You can add up to three schools on your single application form and if all three school are not able to offer you a place, then you can be put on their waiting lists.

Preferences cannot be changed on your online application form, and you will need to email the School Admission Team.

Why have I been offered a school I did not apply for?

This occurs when all the schools you applied for reached their admissions limit before they could offer your child a place. As a result, your child has been added to the waiting list and we have made you an offer to the next nearest school to your home address. This is called an alternative school offer.

Pupils in public care that need a school place outside the normal round

Please refer to the primary admissions booklet.This provides details and definitions of pupils in public care.

Pupils arriving from overseas

Overseas nationals entering the UK who want to apply for a state-funded school can check:

  • their right of residence for accessing state-funded education
  • the conditions for accessing state-funded education

More information can be found on the government website.

Applications for children of UK service personnel (UK Armed Forces)

For details, please refer to the primary admissions booklet.

Under and over age applicants

Details can be found within our primary and secondary admissions booklets.

Catchment areas for all schools in Southend

You can find your catchment area by searching our school catchment area directory.


Applicants have the right of appeal. Further details are available on our school admission appeals page.

Free school meals

Information can be found on our free school meals page.

School uniform

Please find information on our school uniform grant page.


Information can be found on our school or college travel assistance page.

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