Information about the Parking Protocols


Grace Periods

A grace period is applicable in certain circumstances for 10 minutes should a vehicle be legally parked prior to the start of observation. Please note this only applies, during observation, if the motorist is present at the time and is identified as the driver of the vehicle. It does not apply to cases where the driver could not be easily identified with the vehicle (eg, they were some distance away) or where the CEO has already started issuing the PCN when the driver returns.

Observation Periods

An observation period is the time given observing a vehicle to determine if a contravention has taken place. The observation period is not a grace period. Observation periods are indicated in our contravention directory records.

  • under the Traffic Management Act, legislation states that a penalty charge must not be issued to a vehicle which has stayed parked in a parking place on a road or in a local authoritys car park beyond the permitted parking period for a period of time not exceeding 10 minutes
  • other observation periods will apply depending on contravention and are noted within the contravention directory records

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