Information about the Parking Protocols


Dispensations, Bay Suspension and Waivers

The Council reserve the right to approve requests for dispensations, suspensions and waivers and will only permit when there is a need to do so. Vehicles exempt from enforcement activity include:-

  • emergency service vehicles whilst attending emergency situations
  • vehicles actively involved in contracted highway maintenance where there is a need for them to park close and attend the work site
  • liveried Council vehicles carrying out statutory duties such as refuse collection, street cleansing and verge maintenance
  • Post Office vans providing it is evident that they are carrying out postal duties at the time
  • statutory utility companies (eg, electricity and gas board providing it is evident that they are carrying out their duties)
  • parking enforcement vehicles (providing they are carrying out their normal duties)
  • glazing vehicles, carrying out emergency works
  • funeral hearse;
  • cash in transit vehicles (CITV)
  • wedding car
  • removal vehicles

Disabled Badges (exemptions)

UK National and European badges are valid if displayed showing the badge number and expiry date (which should be clearly and visibly displayed).

Blue Badge holders cannot park in the following locations:

  • on a yellow line when loading restrictions apply (marked by yellow Blips)
  • in places reserved for specific users, such as taxi ranks, bus stop clearways, motorcycle bays, diplomatic bays, school keep clear markings and loading places
  • in electric vehicle (EV) only bays
  • in suspended parking bays
  • where they obstruct access or sight lines for other drivers or pedestrians (e.g. at junctions and next to dropped kerbs)

For more information on how to use your Blue Badge, please refer to the Blue Badge Scheme – Rights and Responsibilities handbook

Event Day Restrictions

Temporary restrictions may apply for special events in selected streets and covered by a temporary traffic order; relevant signage will always be displayed.

  • Disabled parking bays
  • on yellow lines, when there are no loading restrictions in force (for up to three hours, provided the time clock is on display and set to the arrival time)
  • Pay and display/pay by phone only parking bays
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