Pay your Council Tax

Understanding your council tax bill

We have created a short video that helps to explain the different parts that make up a council tax bill.

This video is just one example of a council tax bill. Yours may look a little different.

Examples of things that may appear different in your bill include:

  • payment method (will be displayed as Direct Debit with the date of collection if a Direct Debit is in place on the account or Cash if there is no Direct Debit, in which case you should pay via one of the options displayed on the reverse of the demand)
  • any disregards/discounts or exemptions that have been applied to the account
  • the number of monthly instalments - this may differ depending on when your council tax bill was issue

If you are still confused by your council tax bill, please send our Council Tax team an email.

Contact Council Tax

Telephone: 01702 215001

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