Pay your Council Tax

At the bank

You are likely to be charged an extra fee for paying at the bank.

Barclays, however, will process your Council Tax payment free of charge.

To pay cash at a Barclays bank you will need to go to the self-service machine. You will need both:

  • your debit card (if a Barclays customer), and
  • a completed paying-in-slip

We also advise you to take your Council Tax bill. This will make things easier as you will need to quote your Council Tax account number as the reference, putting the letter T in front of it e.g. T1234568.

You will need to complete the instalment amount and the Councils bank details.

  • Sort Code: 20-79-81
  • Account No: 20145904
  • Account Name: Southend-on-Sea City Council

You cannot pay your Council Tax bill at the service desk.

For more information about how to pay in branch, visit the Barclays website.

Contact Council Tax

Telephone: 01702 215001

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