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Freeman on the land statement

Recently a number of residents have refused to pay their council tax based on the ‘Freeman on the Land' movement. These refusals have been taken to a Magistrates Court.

The status of being a 'freeman' does not exempt anyone from their obligation to pay Council Tax. As a result, Magistrates have dismissed every such claim that has been presented.

It is important for everyone to:

  • reject this false information
  • fulfil their Council Tax obligations promptly, like everyone else

If you refuse to pay your Council Tax, Southend-on-Sea City Council have the right to obtain a Liability Order against you. This gives the council the power to recover Council Tax debts through various means, including:

  • salary or benefit deductions
  • obtaining charging orders against properties
  • involving Enforcement Agents to seize goods belonging to a defendant

In extreme cases the Council can:

  • initiate bankruptcy proceedings or
  • make a further request of Magistrates for a custodial sentence to be served

The liability for Council Tax is clearly outlined in the Local Government Finance Act 1992.

Your liability to pay does not:

  • require your consent or
  • require a contract between you and the Council

For those genuinely facing challenges in paying their Council Tax, please get in touch. Our dedicated team is always ready to help.

Additional information can be found on our Council Tax pages.

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