Highway permits

If you wish to temporarily restrict the use of or excavate any part of the public highway you must first obtain approval or apply for a highway permit/licence.

You will need approval from the council for any of the following:

  • to obstruct the highway
  • for a lane closure
  • a full road closure
  • the diversion of traffic or to divert traffic
  • suspension of a parking bay, bus stop or taxi rank
  • if you are unable to leave a clear footway width for pedestrians

Our traffic management page has further details.

You will need a permit/licence issued by the council to do any of the following:

  • excavate the public highway (Section 50 Licence NRSWA)
  • place a crane/cherry picker on the public highway
  • place a hoarding on the public highway
  • place scaffolding on the public highway
  • temporarily disturb the public highway (temporary builders crossing)

Our permits page has further details.

If you require vehicular access onto the pedestrian area of Southend High Street, view our vehicular access onto the pedestrian area of Southend High Street page.

Please note all permissions/agreements must be in place prior to commencing any restriction or works on the highway. Please allow enough time when making your application, the required for each permit/licence type can be found on our notice period page.

If you have a general enquiry, require multiple permits or you are not sure what permit is required please use our enquiry form for more information.

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