Highway permits


To place temporary obstructions on the public highway

You are required to have permission to place any of the following or any other item on the public highway (footpath/carriageway):

  • crane/cherry picker
  • hoarding
  • scaffolding
  • construct a temporary builders crossing in the footpath to allow temporary access for commercial vehicles onto a development / demolition site
  • building materials/equipment
  • any other obstruction

To apply for permission to place temporary obstructions on the public highway and to pay using a debit or credit card please use our online application form.

If you need to make your payment by BACS, please email Highwaypermits@southend.gov.uk who will assist you.

For details on permit costs please see our current fees and charges.

For information regarding the placing of Builders Skips on the Public Highway can be found on our skip licence web pages.

An additional application may be required to obtain permission for vehicle access onto pedestrian area of Southend High Street, or for a full road closure/traffic diversion. Further information can be found on the following pages:

To excavate the public highway (private contractors only)

If you are a private contractor, to obtain permission to excavate the public highway to install new services a Section 50 licence under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1990 will be required. Please email Highwaypermits@southend.gov.uk to request a Section 50 application form.

Once the form has been completed, email the form including supporting evidence to Highwaypermits@southend.gov.uk and make the required payment via our MySouthend online form.

To excavate the Public Highway (Utility Company)

Southend-on-Sea City Council operates within the East of England Permit Scheme.

The scheme applies to any utility company to excavate to the public highway (footpath/carriageway) or other notifiable activities on the highway. Detailed information regarding what activities are covered by the scheme can be found within the scheme document.

East of England Permit scheme document

Permit applications

For a utility company to excavate to the public highway they must first obtain a permit before carrying out any works on the highway. The permit allows the utility company to carry out the specified activity, at the specified location, between the dates shown and as to the terms and conditions of the permit. For or more information and how to apply for a permit, please email streetworksmanagement@southend.gov.uk.

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