Highway permits

Traffic management

If you are intending to obstruct the footway/highway you may also need to submit traffic management plans and secure a space on the highway.

To obtain permission to do any of the following:

  • obstruct the highway
  • lane closure
  • full road closure
  • diversion of traffic
  • unable to leave a clear footway width for pedestrians, when erecting scaffolding or hoarding.

Please contact streetworksmanagement@southend.gov.uk to obtain information on cost, notice period required and how to apply

For more information regarding Traffic Management please download the Department of Transports Safety at Street Works Code document.

To obtain permission for suspensions and the notice period required, the cost and the application process, please see the following:

For a Parking Bay suspensions, fill out an online application form.

For Bus Stop suspensions, please contact TransportPolicy@Southend.gov.uk.

For Taxi Rank suspensions, please contact HackneyCarriage@southend.gov,uk.

Contact Highway Permits

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