Permit Terms and Conditions

Resident Parking Permit Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all parking permits issued by Southend-on-Sea City Council and are designed to ensure the safe and efficient use of the road network. You can find the Controlled Parking Zone Policy in our Parking Policies download area.


  • permanent or primary residence must be at an address within a permit parking zone in the city of Southend
  • the property is listed as part of the Traffic Regulation Order as a property eligible for a permit
  • where multiple dwellings are present within a single property or area of land, the eligible property is limited to the Council Tax registration (for example, a house of multiple occupancy, where only one Council Tax Payment is made, the property will be considered as a single property, not the individual units within)
  • properties in a car-free development, or where related planning conditions require will not be eligible for a permit

Vehicle Type

  • a vehicle displaying a permit must be: -
    • a passenger carrying vehicle with capacity to carry no more than 8 passengers, excluding the driver
    • a motorcycle, tricycle, or quad bike, which is registered for use on the public highway
    • a light goods vehicle
    • a leisure vehicle such as a campervan, where the accommodation is part of the vehicle, not including an unattached caravan
  • in all cases, the vehicle overall height must not exceed 2.3 metres, and the length must not exceed 5.5 metres
  • where parking spaces are marked, the vehicle must comfortably fit within the markings, without overhanging


  • applicants must provide evidence of residency, for example a Council Tax or utility bill, dated within three months of the application. Where an applicant has not yet moved in, a letter from a solicitor confirming the completion date will be sufficient
  • proof of ownership of the vehicle is required, a copy of the V5C must be included with the application. Where the vehicle is a lease vehicle, a copy of associated paperwork showing the address and vehicle details will be sufficient. If the vehicle is a company vehicle, a letter from the company, confirming the arrangement is required
  • on approval, the permit holder is required to pay the permit fee as set out in the Fees and Charges schedule of the Council


  • a permit is valid only in the zone applied for, no concessions are made in any other zone
  • a vehicle parked by virtue of a permit, must not be used for any of the following purposes:
    • the sale, or the offering for sale of a vehicle
    • the sale, or purchase of goods or services
    • as accommodation, including sleeping, camping, cooking within or near to the vehicle, or for any commercial activities outside of the vehicle
  • the permit must be displayed on the dash or fascia of the vehicle, unless it is a ‘virtual permit’, administrated by the Council
  • no photocopies or adaptions of a permit are allowed, in such cases, the Council will consider it to be fraudulent and may issue a Penalty Charge Notice
  • the permit does not guarantee a particular space as any vehicle displaying a valid permit may park within the relevant permit zone
  • the Council will accept requests to cancel a permit and will issue a refund which is pro-rata for each full remaining calendar month, subject to an administration fee. The Council will not offer any refund where there is less than one full calendar month remaining before the permit expires


  • a permit is only valid when all terms and conditions are met and where no other parking contravention has been committed
  • permits are issued specific to the vehicle bearing the registration. If you change your vehicle, a new permit application will be required
  • where any of the terms and conditions are not met, the permit will be invalid, and a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be issued


  • When submitting an application, the applicant is accepting all of these terms and conditions of use
  • it is a criminal offence, if, with intent to deceive an applicant knowingly makes a false declaration and or supplies false or forged documents. The council may prosecute if evidence shows this to be the case

Data Protection

  • the Council will use personal data in line with the policy for General Data Protection Regulations, pursuant to administration of this scheme


  • the Council reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions after giving notice to the permit holder of not less than 28 days

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