Accessibility statement

Our Promise to you, that our website will be easily accessible.


We aim for all of the content on this website to be written in 'Plain English'. The design of this site will not be an obstacle to the usability or readability.

The site has been designed to be printed easily.

Access Keys

Access keys are a navigation tool which helps you to get around the main website using your keyboard. They can be used to jump to different sections of content across the main site (not microsites).

Available Access Keys

S - Skip to content
N - Skip to main navigation
1 - Homepage
2 – What’s new
3 - Site map
4 - Search facility
6 - A to Z of services
7 - Complaints procedure (Contacting the Council page)
8 - Disclaimer
9 - Feedback facility
0 - Access key details (this page)

How to use Access Keys

Microsoft Windows

Press the 'Alt' key in at the same time as the access key to highlight a link on the page, and then press 'Enter'.

Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7 and 8

Hold down the 'Alt' key, press the access key, release both keys and then press 'Enter'.

Firefox, Mozilla 2 +

Hold down the 'Alt' and 'Shift' key at the same time and then press the access key.


Hold down the 'Shift' key and press 'Escape', release both keys, then press the access key.

Apple Mac Firefox, Mozilla

Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and then press the Access key.

Safari and Omniweb

Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and then press the Access key.